Vardavar in Sevan
Although now a Christian tradition, Vardavar's history dates back to pagan times. The ancient festival is traditionally associated with the goddess Astghik, who was the goddess of water, beauty, love and fertility. The festivities associated with this religious observance of Astghik were named "Vartavar" because Armenians offered her roses as a celebration ("vart" means "rose" in Armenian), also releasing doves and sprinkling water on each other. Vartavar was celebrated during harvest time.

During the day of Vardevar, people from a wide array of ages are allowed to douse strangers with water. It is common to see people pouring buckets of water from balconies on unsuspecting people walking below them. The festival is very popular among children as it is one day where they can get away with pulling pranks. It is also a means of refreshment on the usually hot and dry summer days of July.

Start - at 6:45 am , HVZ (Leningradyan 31) or from 8:20, Qanaqer station
Distance - 10km to Qanaqer + 60km back way = 70km
Food - light, vegetarian
Cloths - sport, swim
Mood - watery

Train fee is 600 AMD.

For any farther info and for rent of bike please call to Samvel (093-426-654).

P.S. Who wants to remain in Yerevan with 40 degree hot?
Start Time: 11 July, 2010, 01:45
End Time: 11 July, 2010, 15:00
Location: Sevan lake