Bicycle trip to Armavir Zoo
Maybe many of you already know that the animals who found their shelter in Armavir Zoo endangered, they are under threat of starvation. About this woeful fact you can read here:

We must be concerned about this issue, so to keep it in the hotline and to see it by ourselves "Bicycle+" NGO organises bicycle trip to Armavir Zoo.

Kindly asked to participants bring with them at least three loaf of bread or some money to be able to buy barley (1kg is 190 AMD). It's clear that our food will be more symbolic than will really nourish them, but at least we'll not be just observer.

The route is the following:
Yerevan - Musaler - Ejmiatsin - Armavir - Yerevan

Start - Sunday, at 9am from HVZ (Leningradyan 31)
Distance - 90km (generally plain surface, so not hard to ride)
Complexity - * * - - - (2nd degree from 5)
Meal - light and vegetarian
Drinks - tee, juice, water
Garment - hiking, sport
Weather - warm, vernal

For more information and for renting of bicycle call: 093 426 654 (Samvel)
Start Time: 3 April, 2011, 04:00
End Time: 3 April, 2011, 14:00
Location: Armavir