Selfcleaning in Ttujur :)
Your sunset to my lungs, your night to my eyes, your wind to my cheeks, your dew to my eyelashes, your dawn to my lips, we’ll reach you with yearning… unfortunately, we won’t spend a night with you, but we’ll ask you to freshen and clean our hearts with your cold and sour sorrow… :-)

Frosty, cold wind… across the ice, amidst the snow… riding 75 km and as much riding back. The road to and back is almost all rising… I’ve told you to take gloves, hat, warm socks, haven’t I?

The Route is the following: Yerevan (HVZ, 31 Leningradyan str.) – Ashtarak – Kuchak – Aparan Reservoir – Ttujur (fire, swimming, eating, drinking) and back to Yerevan – alleluia.

When: Sunday, at 09:00 am
Distance: 150 km.
Difficulty: Average.
Food: Light, vegetarian.
Drinks: Tea, juice, water.
Outfit: Warm clothes, gloves, hat, warm socks.

If you have any questions about the trip or bike rental, please call Samvel by number 093-426-654.
Start Time: 20 February, 2011, 05:00
End Time: 20 February, 2011, 15:00
Location: Ttujur