Bike tour through Azat Canyon
We'll enter the Azat Canyon not reaching Garni, afterwards the road will take us to Azat storage lake.

When: Sunday, at 09:30 am
Distance: 65 km.
Difficulty: Average.
Food: Light, vegetarian.
Drinks: Tea, juice, water.
Outfit: Warm clothes, gloves, hat.

The Route: HVZ Workshop (31 Leningradyan str.) – Jrvezh – Voghjaberd – Geghadir – Hatsavan – Azat Canyon – Azat storage lake – Lanjazat – Nubarashen –Yerevan.

If you have any questions about the trip or bike rental, please call Samvel by number 093-426-654.

PS: This is the most beautiful bike trip of the year.
Start Time: 23 January, 2011, 05:30
End Time: 23 January, 2011, 13:30
Location: Armenia