Biking Tour Around Arayi Mountain
At last we are going to organize a long waited biking tour around Arayi Mountain.

According to tradition the name of Arayi Mountain derives from the ancient Armenian pagan god Ara the Beautiful, as when you look at the summits of the mountain from a distance they remind a lying man. According to legend Ara battled with the queen of Assyria Semiramide at a field near the mountain. Ara died during the battle staying faithful to his loving wife Nvard and Semiramide ordered his body to be placed in a cave so that aralezes (mythical hounds) would lick his body and bring him back to life.

Route: Yerevan – Zovuni – Yeghvard – Yernjatap – Aragyugh – Zoravan – Yeghvard – Yerevan
Distance: 80km
Difficulty: medium
Outfit: sports or hiking, backpack
Food: light, vegetarian
Drinks: non alcoholic (tea, juice, water)

We’ll start from HVZ workshop (Leningradyan 31) at 10:00. If you want to rent a bicycle you have to be at HVZ workshop at 9:30, don’t forget to bring your passport.

For inquiries as well as information on bicycle rentals please call Samvel at 093-426-654
Start Time: 22 August, 2010, 05:00
End Time: 22 August, 2010, 14:00
Location: Armenia